We all know what it’s like dragging yourself out of bed when it’s cold and dark outside, pulling on a pair of joggers and leaving the house to pound the pavement. Some of us don’t struggle with the idea, others are absolutely horrified at the thought. If your clients fall into the second camp rather than the first one, you may be wondering how to keep them motivated. Here are some of the things I’ve found helpful over the years when it comes to motivating my clients and boosting their gym attendance when I’m not training them.

    1. Find exercises you enjoy

      OK, yes, this is fairly obvious but it bears repeating. If your clients hate doing the mountain climber, don’t make them do it – there are plenty of other cardio exercises they can try. Keep throwing exercises at the wall until something sticks. One easy way to make any exercise more exciting is through exercising to music. I mean, just look at how popular Zumba is…

    2. Schedule your workouts – don’t just wing it

      One thing my clients have found is that if they just pick random days to hit the gym, to work on a random muscle set, they will never stick to their random plan. Pick a day, schedule a time and make sure your clients know what they’re doing before they get to the gym. If they can bring a friend along, great – by planning something together your clients are far less likely to bail on your workouts.

    3. Commit to the change, and do it in front of friends

      It’s easy to see why people are more likely to stick to something if their friends know about it. With a little tough love from their friends, your clients’ attendance can be kept at an all-time high – especially if their friends are willing to fine them £10 or every gym session they skip. When money is on the line, everyone is suddenly more interested in the task at hand.

    4. Self-bribery

      When I’m struggling to find motivation I find that a little self-bribery goes a long way. Little luxuries make for great rewards – “I won’t watch Netflix until I’ve done my ab workout” or “I won’t have any coffee until I’ve reached 50 press-ups” for instance, make for great motivational tools. If your clients are saving up for a holiday, a new games console or even just for a rainy day, tell them to put £10 in a pot with every workout. They can reward themselves at the end of the month by putting that money towards whatever they like.

    5. Measure your progress with photographs.

      The reason I don’t like the word ‘diet’ is because it makes it sound like a chore, on a par with doing the dishes or cleaning the gutters. If your clients feel that working out is a chore they will never enjoy exercising. Tell your clients that going to the gym is part of a lifestyle, and that lifestyle changes you. Before and after pictures are a great motivational tool to show your clients just how far they’ve come, and a reminder that they have what it takes to do so much more.

These are just some of the ways I’ve found to motivate my clients over the years. With time and experience you will learn the best ways to motivate new clients quicker than ever before. If you have any questions about these motivational tips or if you want to take your next steps with an FTS course, feel free to get in contact today.