Keeping active at Christmas

It’s an important time of the year when people relax on their diets and parties become the main focus.

Well firstly let’s look at the key point in this blog the key word is Christmas. Life is to short to keep to a strict routine all year however we all know that it’s important to maintain a certain level of strictness to reach your goals.

So what can I do to have a social life and main a reasonable level of health?


1. Drink alcohol mixers that are low in calories such as soda water or slimline tonic
2. Champagne is better then beers of wine
3. Vodka is a better spirit.
4. Have s drink limit remember your calorie content per shot (my fitness pal app may help)
5. The day after is the biggest issue most people have with drinking because eating can create a craving for bad foods, make sure you don’t eat processed and takeaway foods high in salt and bad fats will have negative effects on your body.

Ultimately during the festive year it’s hard to please friends and family when your trying to keep to a strict eating plan, so make a decision based on what will make you happy and confident with the decision you made. After all your family and true friends will always understand.

Speak to a qualified personal trainer who can guide you through the process.

If you want more information you could try a fitness training solutions personal training course which covers nutrition in detail.

Happy Holidays