Personal training works in different ways depending on the client and what it is they’re after. Sometimes, one-to-one personal training is more effective for those with specific goals in mind, is new to fitness, athletes, celebrities or have previous injuries. These are the groups of people who will require professional personal coaching and tailor-made health and fitness programmes. Fitness Training Solutions personal training courses will teach you the ins and outs of successfully training a client and how to design personal fitness programmes.

Personal training doesn’t always have to be focused on one-to-one sessions; they can involve more than one person, ideally up to three people max. Group sessions can help give clients a boost in confidence, keep them motivated, therefore, putting more effort into their performance. These types of personal training sessions can give people both the gym experience and the personal trainer experience.

Of course with the right qualifications from the personal training courses, you could set up your own boot camp, build a client base of around 20 people per boot camp, set up your own exercises and fitness tasks, and design eating plans… the whole shebang! One of the key things to remember about fitness is to keep it fun and entertaining. If it becomes repetitive, a chore, or becomes boring, then your clients will lose interest, lack in motivation and performance, and in some cases, go elsewhere.

If you sleep, dream and think about health and fitness, then personal training could well be the career path for you. So if you would like to experience the full personal training package, then book onto our personal trainer courses today or get in touch with Fitness Training Solutions for more information.