Level 2 Indoor Cycling Courses

It’s the perfect course for those looking to teach spinning classes and cycling training sessions.


Our level 2 indoor cycling courses will teach you how to successfully and effectively plan and teach indoor cycling/ circuit based training sessions including the principles of warm-up, the aerobic curve and the cool down period. You’ll also have a healthy understanding of how to teach and plan the classes to music, keeping the participants motivated and interested by using a variety of teaching techniques, as well as responding to health and safety issues.

Indoor Cycling Courses

During our Indoor Cycling Courses, you will need to produce a session overview and appropriate notes/ planning for a safe and effective indoor cycling session. This can include your aims, objectives, and health and safety considerations.

A successfully planned indoor cycling class should include a warm-up, the main component and a cool-down period. The practical work related to this indoor cycling course will involve a session overview, a class plan and a class plan making scheme.

You will be assessed on your teaching skills for the indoor cycling courses which will include verbal screening, the warm-up period, the main body of the cycling class and the cool-down period. You will also be monitored and marked on continuous observation checklist for the group indoor cycling sessions. This will be included in your paperwork assessment. You will also get the opportunity to evaluate your own performance in the Assessment Element, reflecting on how well you think the session went.

The Level 2 Indoor Cycling Courses will involve coursework and a practical examination. Once completed, the Indoor Cycling Courses, you will receive a Level 2 Award in Indoor Studio Cycling.

The Level 2 Indoor Cycling Courses will run over two days and can be tailored to your needs. Book your place today or contact Fitness Training Solutions for more information in regard to our personal training courses.


Total Cost: £170

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Indoor Cycling Courses



  • Coursework
  • Practical Examination


Requirements: Please note, CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Fitness Instructor Course) and CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Exercise to Music qualifications are both required.


  • Level 2 Award in indoor Studio Cycling

Presentation introducing the course:

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