Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Designed for those wanting to take their own experience and skill set from the health and fitness industry to educate others the trick of the trade.


Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement


This is a Level 3 qualification, and it is aimed at those who carry out assessment of skills and knowledge in both occupational and vocational activities. This includes those who assess on site, and/or in workshop or classroom-based environments using assessment methods such as observation, skills tests, oral and written questions, assignments, projects, case studies and recognition of prior learning.


To complete this qualification it will be necessary to have a minimum of 2 candidates to work with, and these candidates must be working in an industry you have occupational knowledge and experience of.


The qualification requirements include planning of assessments, making judgements of performance and knowledge against agreed standards and providing feedback to the candidates on performance. The ability to communicate clearly is essential.


The qualification is generic and transferable and can be used to assess across a full range of activities, as long as you are assessing within your field of competency.



Mandatory units(Learners must complete all units to achieve 15 credits)CreditsGLH
Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment324
Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment630
Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding630



Learners will cover:

  • principles and requirements of assessment
  • different types of assessment method
  • planning and performing assessments , involving learners and others
  • quality assurance of the assessment process
  • legal and good practice requirements
  • making assessment decisions



learners are required to complete a set of knowledge questions and compile a portfolio of practical based evidence; submission of video evidence is also desirable.


REPS Points – 16CPD’s



Total Cost: £599

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Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement