Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity

A distance learning module where you are required to work through two manuals.


Level 3 Nutrition Course

The Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Course is a distance learning module, in which you are required to work through two manuals.

The nutritional course is delivered by supported distance learning with a support tutor. As part of the nutritional course, you will attend a theory assessment at a venue to suit you.

After that, you will have four weeks to complete and submit a real-life case study.

The Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Course is a mandatory module for all personal training courses and comprises of the following units:

Nutritional Components of Diet: Identify the different macro and micro nutrients, what they do and what foods to obtain them from in the diet.

Food Science: An introduction to the biochemistry of different nutrients and food sources and how this impacts the body.

Metabolism and Energy Balance: Discover the only effective way to help clients lose weight and keep it off. We evaluate the energy balance equation and learn how to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Nutrition and Health: Learn the optimal balance of nutrients for a healthy body and how this translates to real foods.

Psychology of Eating: Knowing nutrition theory is next to useless if you can’t work with your clients to help them change their eating behaviours and lifestyle. An introduction to behaviour change psychology gives you the tools you need to help clients make the changes needed to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Sports Nutrition: An introduction to the fascinating world of performance enhancing nutrition.

Using Food Diaries: Learn how to implement food diaries effectively to get the most accurate reflection of your clients eating habits; allowing you to work with them closely in order to make changes to their diet, giving them the best possible results without depriving them of their favourite foods.

Dietary Analysis: Learn how to effectively analyse food diaries efficiently and effectively.

Calculating Energy Values of Food: Find out how to get the most from reading food labels and teach your clients how to know which foods to choose when out shopping.

Planning Balanced Diets: Look at why diet plans don’t work and how to advise your client to gradually introduce changes in their diet towards a healthy varied and balanced diet.

Weight Management Programmes: Learn how to implement nutrition advice into your personal training sessions, as well as considering offering additional services such as group weight management programmes.

PT Module 3 – Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Course: 17.01.2015 and 18.01.2015 (more dates to follow).

Max no: 10 people



Total Cost: £800 Included in Personal Training Qualification

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Level 3 Nutrition Course



  • CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Exercise to Music).
  • 20 REPS CPD points

Requirements: Please note that students are required to bring 2 class participants on their practical assessment date. Students must be aged 16 or over.

Module Overview

  • PT Module 3 – Nutrition Award: 17.1.15 – 18.1.15

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