I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t enjoy a McDonald’s meal and we wouldn’t judge you if you did. These fast-food meals are fine and won’t harm you if they are eaten every now and then as a reward, just not so much on a weekly basis. We found a story in The Daily Mail about what qualified Nutritionists would eat at McDonald’s and the results aren’t surprising. But the question is which meal would you choose to eat after passing our Level 3 Nutritional courses or any of our personal training courses for that matter?

McDonald’s is a popular choice for food amongst children and adults, but as we mentioned and we’re sure you’ll agree after achieving your Level 3 Nutritional courses qualifications, it should be a once in a while treat due to the high fat, sugar, salt and calorie content. Below are some results from the Nutritionists would eat (if they had to) at the most popular fast-food chain McDonald’s:

  • Sweet chilli grilled chicken wrap with a side of salad and apple slices.
  • Fruit and maple oatmeal but without brown sugar.
  • Standard McDonald’s burger with a side salad.
  • Premium southwest salad but without the chicken, a McCafe latte and oranges.
  • Regular hot fries and a small chocolate milkshake.
  • Chicken nuggets (4 pieces) meal, apple and orange slices, and a Go-gurt.
  • Bacon and chargrilled ranch salad with only half the dressing.
  • Premium southwest grilled chicken salad.

Sounds like a delicious McDonald’s meal doesn’t it?

What would you choose from McDonald’s? It would be interesting to compare your perfect McDonald’s meal from before booking on and completing the Level 3 Award Nutritional courses and any of our other personal training courses. We won’t let you know what the Fitness Training Solutions team would have, but hey, like we said, it’s a treat every now and then!