How often have heard people say they thought about joining a gym but changed their mind because they’re embarrassed about their weight and they don’t fancy sharing a workout space with someone much slimmer than them? How many people do you know who would love to lose weight but the thought of putting on tight gym gear and moving about so the world and his wife can see every jiggle and wiggle they make fills them with dread? It’s understandable. People who are overweight or out of shape often want to lose weight and get fitter but they feel embarrassed about their bodies; what would help them is to realise that they won’t get fit any other way, not properly and healthily anyway. If we saw an overweight person in gym gear striding to down the road, pink cheeked and puffed out, what do we usually think? ‘Oh, there’s a person trying to get fit. Cool. Hey, look at that seagull…’ and off we go about our daily business without a second thought. Nobody thinks ‘Oh my God what does this fatty think they’re doing trying to lose weight?!’ No one worth bothering with anyway.

The thing is, gym instructors, personal trainers, they all know that nobody is born with a ripped six pack. It takes hard work and dedication, and definitely a seriously educated attitude to food too. You don’t have to want a six pack or a sculpted butt to join a gym. You just have to want to better yourself and improve your health. People sometimes forget about the insides of their bodies, but the inside is just as important if not more important. You can be a size six but your heart can be under all kinds of strain if you live off sweets and fizzy drinks, not to mention the damage those kinds of foods can do to your teeth. Gym instructors aren’t just there to show you how to use the equipment. They’ve often taken gym instructor courses to train them how to draw up training schedules for different clients depending on their body type and what fitness goals they have, the ins and outs of nutrition, the effects pregnancy and childbirth have on a woman’s workout regime to name but a mere few. That’s why you can trust them to teach you the right way to get fit and stay fit.

Gym instructor courses offered by Fitness Training Solutions encompass many aspects of fitness and training such as kettle bells, aerobics, water-based fitness, sports massage and exercise to music, all at differing levels of qualification. Gym instructor courses take some serious commitment and they require someone pretty enthusiastic to complete them to high standards. It isn’t just the physical fitness – gym instructors need to be able to motivate their clients mentally and emotionally. It’s often a massive struggle to lose a big amount of weight and thoughts of quitting will plague the client because they feel they simply can’t carry on, they’re too sore or too hungry or both. Gym instructor courses teach you to get your client through that. People taking gym instructor courses have to be invested in their clients’ wellbeing and fitness, and be able to keep their clients going when they feel like it’s just not working. Clients will often lose weight then plateau, which is when they’ll feel like they want to quit but with the gym instructor courses on offer at Fitness Training Solutions you’re taught many strategies to combat this with your client.

The gym instructor courses also teach how to be tactful when a client is clearly embarrassed about their weight. It takes a lot for someone who is very overweight to decide to do something about their weight because often they feel they’re too fat to work out and that they’ll just have to stay the way they are. If they’re very overweight it might seem impossible for them. More often than not they have health issues such as breathlessness, high blood pressure and joint problems so our gym instructor courses teach you how to deal with this when embarking on a fitness regime with a client, and how to make sure the client isn’t made to feel ashamed of their body. Fitness Training Solutions believes that nobody is fat; people simply have differing amounts of fat on their bodies. Gym instructor courses teach you how to make sure your client is safe whilst working out, mentally as well as physically.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to complete one of our gym instructor courses then book online and let Fitness Training Solutions better you so you can better others!