Just because it’s a scorching day doesn’t mean you can’t work out. You should definitely stick to your regime even throughout summer as you don’t want to undo all your hard work so far and get out of the mind-set you’ve developed. It will be twice as hard to get back into the swing if things once the weather cools off. Gyms always have air conditioning so there’s no worries there, and no doubt you will have an oscillating fan in the house now that the weather is really starting to heat up. You can use that during your workout to keep you cool, and of course, you must remember to drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated with sports drinks is a must if you’re doing an intense shred had these contain electrolytes which are crucial for keeping in tiptop shape during your workout.

Keeping fruits in the fridge and freezer will help too. You could freeze berries to use as ice cubes in water; the flavour will slowly seep into the water giving it a subtle taste if you’re bored of water, plus they will be soft enough to eat once you finish your drink. Freezing fruit means you save money and you’ll also always have fresh healthy fruit available as a snack or for smoothies in the summer when you need a post-workout cool off. Keep plastic bottles of water in the fridge too, because you can wrap these in a towel to place on your lower back or on your forehead; again, once these start to melt you’ll have cold, refreshing water to sip.

Working out in the evening could be an option too, as it’s often a little cooler once the soon goes down. Try working out with a buddy too, as you can encourage each other and keep each other going when you feel like giving up. Whatever you do, don’t let the summer heat wilt you, keep working hard and make sure you don’t skip sessions.

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