As 2014 draws to an end, it’s time to look back on the year and for many of you, you’ve reached your goal passing personal training courses to becoming a successful fitness professional.

Men’s Health recently published 20 health and fitness breakthroughs of 2014 and we want to share the first 10 with you today.

  1. Kettlebells is a strength builder. Incorporating kettlebells into a fitness regime has become popular. It helps to improve your overall strength, amp up your squats and deadlifts, as well as strip off any unwanted fat.
  2. Beat cancer with garlic. As grim as it may sound, eating raw garlic twice a week can help fight the risk of inheriting lung cancer by 44%, as well as other types of cancer including stomach, colon and pancreatic. Yum, yum!
  3. Exercise beats depression. Study has shown that performing 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week can help fight depression by up to 63%.
  4. Burn more calories with HIIT. 13 minutes of high intensity interval training can burn more calories per minute and up your oxygen intake by 12.5%.
  5. Pump it up with great tunes. Music can help to increase the maximum input you put in, making you work harder.
  6. Steamed broccoli helps to combat disease. Steaming broccoli for 3 to 4 minutes until it’s reached its vibrant green colour can help to prevent cancer, as it retains myrosinase, an important cancer fighting enzyme.
  7. Smoking steals 10 years of your life. We all know smoking is harmful, but did you know that by smoking an average of 10 cigarettes a day doubles your risk from death compared to a non-smoker?
  8. Kill junk food craving by running. One hour of running can help kill off any junk food cravings that you might have.
  9. Stay fuller for longer with an avocado. Research found that healthy, overweight adults who ate half an avocado as part of their lunch can help them to stay fuller for up to three hours after eating and are 26% more satisfied with no desire to snack.
  10. You can still sleep after a late work-out session. Exercising late doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. We always thought it helps you sleep better.

So they you have it, the first 10 health and fitness facts of 2014. Keep an eye out for part of the 2014 health and fitness related breakthroughs, but in the meantime, contact Fitness Training Solutions about our personal training courses.