In our last blog, we brought to you the first ten health and fitness breakthroughs from 2014 published in Men’s Health, and here is the second half, all of which will benefit you completing your personal trainer courses.

  1. Weights then cardio on leg days. A study found that those who worked on their legs first, then performed back squats were unable to perform as many reps.
  2. Have a few running shoes in your wardrobe. By swapping your running shoes, you are lowering the risk of gaining a running related injury by 39%.
  3. Lyme disease is an STD. You can catch it from simply as being in bed.
  4. You can build muscle through cardio. Aerobic exercises such as running, walking and cycling can increase leg muscle mass.
  5. You can stay hydrated by drinking coffee. A recent study indicated that those who drink 3-6 cups of coffee a day can be as hydrated as someone drinking water, due to the caffeine acting as an endurance-boosting bonus.
  6. Green tea helps you to lose weight. Drinking green tea and exercise helps to boost weight loss more significantly. Plus it acts as a detox for your body.
  7. Distribute protein to build muscle. Those who consume 30g of protein during every meal had a 25% higher muscle protein synthesis than those who ate 10g of protein for breakfast, 15g for lunch and 65g for dinner.
  8. Watercress wipes the floor with kale. It turns out that watercress is better for you than kale. A sprinkle of watercress on your meals will help to combat diseases with more influence.
  9. Sex cuts stress. Those who have casual sex are more likely to have a higher sense of well-being and less stress than someone who has no sex.
  10. And finally, trick your brain into giving up cravings. You can train your brain into craving healthier food.

So what do you think about the top 20 health and fitness breakthroughs? Will you be using them as part of your personal training courses, or will you come up with your own breakthroughs?