Being a personal trainer is such a rewarding and satisfying career path but at the minute, the market is so saturated that it takes special skills and experience for a trainer to really make themselves stand out from the crowd.

That’s why here at Fitness Training Solutions we have a wealth of specialised courses that established personal trainers can undertake to enable them to offer their clients the most diverse workouts.

Having many strings to your bow is the key to a successful career as a personal trainer. Here are just some of the specialist courses we provide to help you increase your knowledge and skillset:

Suspension Training Course – using pulleys and ropes, your clients can enjoy an exciting workout that focuses on core strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise Course – pregnant women and those who have recently given birth need specialised workout programmes to enable them to safely and effectively stay in shape.

Level 2 Water-based (Aqua) Exercise Instructor Course – you’ll learn the most effective way to exercise in water and the types of people it is most suited to.

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing for Children – this course will enable you to join the fight against childhood obesity and ensure the health and wellbeing of future generations.

If you’re a personal trainer looking to expand your skills and in turn, your client base, then contact us to find out more about our range of fitness instructor courses; they’ll really make you stand out from the pack.