Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’re a fan of anything that gets people out and about, and moving. So, of course, we were delighted when we heard about the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go!

Now computer games sometimes get a bad rep as they are usually associated with people sitting indoors all day, not getting any exercise. However, Pokémon Go is different.

Pokémon Go is a game that you download to your phone which enables you to go out in the world, using your phone’s GPS system, and catch Pokémon. To catch a range of Pokémon you have to explore your surroundings and you can’t cheat by jumping in the car as it only registers it at walking pace or if you were riding a bike under 20mph.

The game has a number of features which encourages the user to get moving, including an egg hatching process which requires the user to walk different distances i.e. 2, 5 or 10km and in return, a rare Pokémon emerges from the egg.

And it really has got people moving and exercising; specifically, those who wouldn’t usually be very active. So many people have said that because of Pokémon Go, they’ve managed to lose some weight and get more active – it’s brilliant.

Anything unexpected that brings exercise into people’s lives, in a different way than just going to the gym, gets a massive thumbs up from us.

Being active should be fun and it’s interesting to see how many different ways there are to be active. Our range of gym instructor courses teach you a whole multitude of things, including how to motivate people by thinking outside the box – just like Pokémon Go has!