Visiting the gym gives you access to some of the most up to date and high tech machinery available. Despite this, many of us seem to stick to the same old gym machines that we have known and loved for decades. Here are the most popular gym machines…


This could be considered the most popular piece of exercise machine as not only do people compete for them in the gym, they have them inside their homes too! With modifications that allow you to control your incline and speed, the treadmill is proof that the weather is no excuse to skip a work out!

Free Weights

Although they are technically not a machine, the free weight section at the gym still holds a great deal of popularity. It is likely that this is due to their versatility as they can be used to in various different ways for many different workouts.

Stationary Bikes

If you aren’t one for using a bike on the busy city roads, then you probably understand why the stationary bike is so popular in the gym. Not only do they allow you to gain a low impacting aerobic exercise session that lasts around 45 minutes, they also boasts an air conditioned room and zero interfering traffic to watch out for!

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, our gym instructor courses help you gradually move away from the popular gym machines and learn all there is to know about the other machines in the gym so that you can pass the information onto clients! Get in contact today to find out more information!