The easiest part of a new diet is looking on the internet and picking one out. It is the ‘doing’ part of the whole process where people tend to fail. After all, a lack of pre-diet research can lead to a bunch of unnecessary problems when you actually begin your new regime which is why the team here at Fitness Training Solutions are going to find all the information for you! On one hand low carb diets have received a lot of bad press whereas others insist it is the best decision you will ever make. Read on to find out what verdict we came up with…


  • The most known benefit that can be gained from adopting a low carbohydrate diet is weight loss. In fact, it is no secret that during a diet in which you consume a considerably low amount of carb based foods will lead to an unprecedented drop in dress size.
  • Some studies have shown that people who eat low carbohydrate diets can help people who suffer from diabetes, particularly if the carbohydrates they are cutting out are simple such as those found in milk based products and processed sugars.


  • As a low carb diet means that you are cutting out an essential macronutrient, you have to ensure that you are consuming a varied range of foods in order to avoid developing a nutrient deficiency. Since a lot of food has carbs in them, many people tend to find that they struggle to form meals that allow them to stick with the diet. To ensure you eat enough nutrients, ensure your shopping basket has a lot of colours in it.

The Verdict

  • A low carb diet can be dangerous since carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient. Although adopting this diet may work for some people, it is always wise to speak to your doctor or a dietician beforehand in order to ensure that you are suitable for the lifestyle change. Sometimes it is better to restrict your consumption of carbohydrates to wholegrains and the complex carbs which benefit you nutritionally rather than cutting the food group out completely.

Dieting and exercising safely is something that you should prioritise above dropping an extra couple of pounds. After all, you may put your health at risk in the process. What we eat and how we eat plays a vital role when it comes to our fitness levels and many people adapt their diet in order to adhere to their workouts. For example, those looking to build muscle consume more protein. Advising clients on their diet could come up when you are a fitness instructor which is why we make sure we educate you on everything possible during our fitness instructor courses. For more information, speak to a member of the FTS team today!