With Wimbledon starting in just a few days, we thought we’d share with you British Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray’s training regime that has been carefully designed by his personal trainer. If your dream career involves becoming a fitness professional within the tennis industry, then book onto our personal training courses and let’s get the ball rolling.

Before Murray begins his training regime, he undergoes a full warm-up session which involves him going through all the lifts in his exercise programme but using just 50% off his normal weights, and doing 10 reps per set. He then follows this up with a complex training regime involving 6 set of 5 reps for each exercise and plyometric exercises (B’s) for extra power.

  • Back Squat. Squatting with a weighted barbell on your shoulders.
  • (B) 1m Box Jump. Jumping on a 1 metre box, step back down.
  • (B) Walking Lunges with a dumbbell in each hand.
  • (B) Jumping Lunges.
  • (B) 20kg Weighted Pull-Ups.
  • 5kg Medicine Ball Throw. Raise 5kg medicine ball above your head then throw to the ground –but watch your toes!
  • Weighted Dips. Use the same weighted belt that was used for the pull-ups, grab 2 dip bars and lower your body down pushing with your hands until your arms are straight, then pull yourself back up.
  • (B) 5kg Medicine Ball Chest Press. This one will involve you! Pass the 5kg medicine ball as quickly as possible between yourself (remember to catch the ball).
  • Lateral Side Lunges.
  • (B) Maximum Distance Lateral Hop. Jump sideways on one leg (hop), repeating it 3 times on each leg.
  • Cable Woodchop. Grab the cable from the Functional Trainer with both hands, have the cable above your shoulder and pull down to your opposite side across your body, then swap sides.
  • (B) 5kg Medicine Ball Throw. Hold the 5kg medicine ball in one hand and throw for your partner to catch – yes, this exercise also involves your participation.

Once Murray has completed this heart-pumping, sweat boosting exercise programme, he moves on to a Triple Extension Power set. This involves completing 5 sets of 5 reps of Olympic bar lifting movements. Bend your knees and hips, using a loaded barbell and with your heels firmly pressed against the floor, straighten the Olympic bar to your waist and lift it in front of you (by your chin). Here’s where you need to be on the ball. Drop the barbell and CATCH it above your chest, drive it up and straighten your legs. This is an essential technique for Murray to produce power on his serve, and from his feet to his hips.

Now for the warm down. We all know the importance of stretching after a workout (something you will learn more about from our personal training courses). Once the stretching is completed, it’s time for the dreaded ice bath which is set at 10 degrees temperature. You only have to stay in the ice bath for 10 minutes. A couple hours later, he relaxes with heavy static stretching massage.

So there you go, Andy Murray’s exercise programme. You can find more information about his workout over on the Men’s Health website.

Our personal training courses will teach about all of the above exercises and the benefits involved performing them. So don’t hesitate any longer and sign up to our personal training courses today and you never know, we could be hearing your name training the World’s top tennis players!

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