Making a career change can be a big step and it is often one that many people are too scared to take. After all, it is very easy to become comfortable in a job role. With this said, the team here at Fitness Training Solutions think that the personal training world is one of the best industries to fall into. In fact, there are often a few tell tale signs that you would be perfect for the industry! Here are the top three…

You like working out

If exercising is more of a hobby than a task, then becoming a personal trainer can be a great step towards never working a day in your life. After all, doing something you enjoy is never going to be difficult or boring and fitness is quite a beneficial industry to be interested in.

You are a people person

As a personal trainer you will meet a whole range of different people in all kinds of circumstances so if you enjoy meeting new people and are not shy in front of strangers, personal training could be for you! Of course, they will not remain strangers forever as your regular clients will also become professional friends.

Your technique is great

The gym is always quite daunting because there is so much to remember. In fact, once you have the moves down you have to start paying attention to technique and form in order to avoid an injury. Personal trainers have to relay this information to clients so if you are a natural when it comes to technique you have the potential to be a great PT.

When it comes to fitness here at Fitness Training Solutions you can bet that we are always looking for new trends so that we are able to adhere to a whole range of different clients. In fact, this is another great characteristic of a personal trainer! If you want to turn a passion for fitness into a career, get in contact with a member of the FTS team and ask about our personal training courses today!