With every single exercise that we carry out in the gym there is a correct form to follow in order to prevent injuries and trauma. After all, lifting weights with incorrect form can lead to a back issue or even a slipped disk. One of the most difficult exercises that many people struggle to do correctly is the squat. It seems simple however this compound movement can do serious damage if you carry it out incorrectly. Here are a few important tips and tricks to remember…

The Knees

Squatting can be hard work for the knees due to the repetitiveness of the movement. Due to this you should never allow the knees to slide forwards past the toes as this means that they are taking the brunt and weight of the exercise. Remember to sit into the movement so that it works your glutes instead.

The Back

Another thing that people tend to do is make their glutes protrude outwards so that there is a dip in their back. This is not only incredibly bad form, it can lead to an anterior pelvic tilt. Whilst you shouldn’t squat with a super straight perpendicular form, it is important that your back is only slightly arched.


During any exercise it is vital that you breathe. Whilst this may sounds obvious you will be surprised how many people actually hold their breath, especially when the movement is challenging. With a squat the general rule is to take a deep breath in as you lower your body and then breathe out as you push upwards.

Carrying out proper form is something that all gym instructors are taught in order to pass onto their clients. After all, what use will an instructor be if they don’t know the safest way to carry out an exercise! Here at Fitness Training Solutions our gym instructor courses involve the theory and practical behind squats and other similar movements so you are able to pass such details on to your very own clients. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!