Here at Fitness Training Solutions we recognise how much of struggle it can be to stay on track when the mince pies come out of the cupboard. After all, one of the most bought seasonal presents is chocolate! In order to give you that little helping hand we have decided to put together some of our top tips for staying motivated and avoiding the Christmas pudding! Read on to find out more….


You cannot strive for greatness over the toughest time of the year without putting some kind of plan in place. After all, dieting and exercising is difficult enough without having to turn a blind eye to all the goodies on show! At the start of each week try to schedule your meals and make time for training so that you have no excuses.

Sweet Treats

Have you ever heard the idea that denying yourself something just makes you crave it even more? Well it does and due to this the team here at Fitness Training Solutions encourage you to allow yourself the odd sweet treat every now and then. After all, once mince pie isn’t going to ruin everything and it can help keep you on track!

Get a Buddy

We tend to keep to our word when there is another person involved. After all, it is much easier to make excuses to ourselves without any repercussions whilst a friend can judge our decisions and keep us motivated. If you are struggling you may be best recruiting someone to make the fitness change with you.

If you’re like most members of the general population you will know how hard it is to lose fat during the seasonal time of year. From the American traditions like Halloween and Thanksgiving being followed by Christmas and New Years it is safe to say that the end of the year is four months of munching down treats like mad! Luckily our personal training courses have got you covered since we can help you turn a hobby into a career and beyond! If you’ve got an interest in fitness, get in contact with a member of the FTS team and find out more today!