Summer in England isn’t exactly the most trustworthy weather which means that we often have spells of sun in-between endless days of miserable rainy downpours. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we know first-hand how much of a mood kill these abrupt weather changes can be which is why we’ve put together a few ways to stay fitness motivated during a rainy day…

  • Music has the ability to transform any mood. Whether you’ve had some bad news, the day just isn’t going to plan or the weather is simply miserable, turning on an upbeat tune can brighten any day. To get the best out of your workout when the weather is wet and dreary, create a custom made playlist with songs that get you in the mood for working out, or better yet, dancing!


  • Buddying up with a friend means that cancelling a run on a morning when you find a downpour greeting you at the front door doesn’t only disappoint yourself but also your partner. Nobody wants to be the person who leaves a friend hanging in the park because you decided it wasn’t worth your time to meet them. No matter what the weather, buddying up helps you keep yourself accountable for your fitness.

Being able to help your clients stay motivated when every element is determined to knock them off track is a valuable asset to have as a personal trainer which is why we include it as part of our personal training courses. For more information, get in contact with a member of the Fitness Training Solutions team today!