Suspension Training Course

This is an approach to fitness training that uses a system of ropes and pulleys to manipulate client’s bodyweight to produce an all body workout.


Suspension TrainingThe equipment used is light, small and quick to assemble which offers great portability to the freelance personal trainer. This training approach promotes compound multi-planar movements which will develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously, which is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate in booking onto our Suspension Training course. Due to the range of exercises that can be performed and how each of these can be modified to meet the client’s abilities, this new and exciting training form has a wide appeal, ranging from professional athletes to the newly active.

The Suspension Training course is ideal for gym instructors whose gyms contain suspension training equipment. It is also relevant for personal trainers who wish to challenge their clients to a full body workout with one simple piece of kit, ideal for indoor and outdoor sessions, and can also be delivered to small groups. So achieving your Suspension Training course qualifications will be highly beneficial to your career as a personal trainer.


Total Cost: £150

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Suspension Training



The Suspension Training Course assessment will take place over the course of the day – students will be required to demonstrate competence in the criteria based on the learning aims of the day.

Module Overview

1 day face-to-face learning (a mixture of theory and practical)

  • The set up – F-T-S Suspension training equipment
  • The practical principles of suspension training
  • The practical principles of suspension training
  • Exercise ideas for targeting the whole body
  • Planning effective sessions for a variety of clients manage individuals and small groups using suspension training

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