Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you rather have a savoury starter of Pâté with crusty bread, or a sweet bowl of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for dessert? Recent research has revealed that if we eat dessert before the main course, it can help slim down the waist line.

Findings from the Imperial College London indicated that if we indulge in sugar-rich foods at the start of the meal, it can help to keep our appetites in order. Researchers focused their attention on glucose, the brain’s main source of energy which can be found in those sweet delights. Glucokinase, the brain’s protein, keeps track of the levels of glucose consumed, and it can send signals to your body if the intake is too low, therefore, requiring more starchy and sugary foods.

Of course, this research was tested on animals, so the findings might not be accurate. If this was the case, then we’d all be eating sweet desserts three times a day before every meal and have the body of a God! There are numerous health factors to take into consideration too, which the research failed to take note of. Fortunately, there are health experts out there who can effectively and professionally plan out healthy meal plans, and advice on what you should and shouldn’t be eating, whilst taking into consideration all factors.

If you’re tired and bored of seeing the same health news telling us what we should be eating to lose weight, then maybe you should consider a nutritional course? It would help with your personal trainer courses and give your career an extra boost.

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