Bradley Wiggins is enough to get anyone motivated about getting onto a bike, whether it’s their first time or 100th time. Of course not everyone owns a bike, unless you live in Holland (everyone has them!), but everyone can sign up to Spin related classes at their local gym and receive the same benefits.

Spinning is one of the most popular gym classes and the demand for adding more Spin classes to the weekly timetables is extraordinarily high, which means the demand for Indoor Studio Cycling instructors is also high. Not only will you burn between 400 to 600 calories off per class, but you’ll receive additional benefits including body definition and tone, as well a boost in fitness levels. And if you were looking to expand on your current fitness qualifications, then this is the ideal course to do it.

People think spin classes are for cycling pro’s and just focus on the lower body, but this isn’t the case. Spinning is designed for people of all fitness capabilities and it’s your job to create effective spin classes to suit members of all fitness levels. You want them to keep coming back and to eventually reach their goal from starting as a beginner, progressing to an intermediate, and eventually a pro. Imagine their reaction to that achievement and it will all be down to you.

As we mentioned, Spin classes aren’t just beneficial for your lower body, they can have a high and noticeable impact on your upper body too. Our Level 2 Award Indoor Studio Cycling course will teach you everything that you need to know about creating effective indoor cycling fitness classes, and combine these qualifications with your existing ones; you’ll successfully be capable of introducing new techniques and methods to your classes. These can include adding free weights to workout, mixing the class up with circuit training or even taking it to the extreme and bringing in tabata to shake things up a little! Maybe leave the latter to the pros!

So if you’re a Bradley Wiggins follower and have a passion for cycling, as well as wanting to focus your attention within the health and fitness industry, then get in touch with Fitness Training Solutions today and book onto our Level 2 Award Indoor Studio Cycling course. Or take a look at our range of personal training courses online and don’t forget, stay motivated throughout your sessions and introduce some pump it up, drive music to the classes!