Indoor cycling classes such as Spin classes are by far one of the most popular and in demand fitness classes in gyms. It helps to strip off fat, tone up and build muscle. With that in mind, gyms nationwide are crying out for more qualified professionals to create, plan and manage these classes, which is why we recommend booking onto our Indoor Cycling courses. It’s always recommended to have an additional set of fitness qualifications tucked under your belt. It makes you more diverse and less restricted in what you can do with your clients during personal training sessions or fitness classes.

The Fitness Training Solutions team read recently on Mashable about the new, revolutionary cycling classes. New technological equipment has combined an Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset) with a responsive, real bike. It allows the cyclists to cycle in a variety of different environments including secluded mountain paths, midtown Manhattan and Tokyo. Just think what the Spin classes would be like with this virtual system included in it. You could take your cycling enthusiasts for a ride around one of the biggest cities in the world, making the Spin class more enticing and not to mention how much fun you would have during the Indoor Cycling courses.

There is Widerun’s docking station that your bike would fit into, which has an embedded microcontroller to help stimulate the steering, speed and the resistance effects corresponding to your virtual environment. The cycling virtual system also operates with the Samsung Gear VR (widescreen TV) and an option to purchase various cycling scenarios. It all sounds pretty cool doesn’t it and the team over at Fitness Training Solutions are eager to sample this new technology. If there was an option to select where you fancy cycling, or where you could take your Spin class participants, where would you choose? Or maybe if you had the option to choose your ideal biking environment during the Indoor Cycling courses, what would be your perfect scenario?

We’re not sure if the virtual bike will become more widespread and if it will eventually make its way into gyms (we hope it does), but if on the odd chance it does, we’ll be sure to introduce it in our Indoor Cycling courses. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything further.