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As much as we hate paying taxes, the government is to introduce a new form of tax which we’re actually in favour of; increasing the tax on sugary food in a bid to help tackle obesity in Britain and reduce the number of overweight people. As fitness professionals, we advise our students to have nutritional qualifications under their belt, which is why we push for students to register on our Level 3 Nutrition Courses. It’s important when training clients that you have a wealth of knowledge and skills in training your clients to achieve their goals, as well being able to create effective meal plans.

Recent figures have shown that women in Britain are more overweight than in any other European country. Around one third of British women are overweight or classed as being obese, which is why health ministers are pushing for a higher tax price on sugary foods. They want to impose a 20% tax increase on fizzy drinks, which will take an average can of pop from 70p to 84p. They predict that with this imposed tax increase of sugary products, which encourage obesity, will cut the number of Britons who are overweight by one third.

As well as an increase in tax, the government are looking to do the following to help tighten the situation. These include:

  • Sugary foods to be reformulated to contain less sugar
  • Reduce portion sizes
  • Harsher advertising regulations
  • Prominent health warnings on sugary products
  • Encouraging farmers to grow more fruit and veg instead of sugary beef

What do you think about these new proposed rules? Do you agree?

If you’re passionate about advising clients on the types of foods they should be eating to coordinate with their training plan, and want to have the qualifications to effectively create and plan a meal plan, then register with FTS today for our Level 3 Nutrition courses. Or for more information about any of our personal training courses, contact our team today.