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Vera Hrycova



Fitness Training Solutions gave me new approach to the fitness,

My first course was Exercise to Music I was so nervous that I actually didn’t sleep (true story) . However Ben Brook is an amazing tutor and reassured me that everything will be fine, just relax and there it was what I needed that confidence kick.
After I passed I took many courses with FTS which opened the door to my newly discovered career in fitness.

It’s so easy and believe me as mother of two with a full time job I am happy that I did click on that book button .
I always looking forward to becoming more qualified through FTS. One more thing to add is Ben will explain everything given real life situations.

Many many thanks Ben and FTS


Laura Walker-Flynn

Laura profile

I lost my way in life a year ago. Getting out of bed and getting dressed was impossible. In bed in a dark place I saw an advert on my phone to train as a fitness instructor with FTS. Desperate to get out of a dark hole I signed up. I can honestly say nothing has helped me more to lift the black cloud that hung over me as completing this course. It’s also a tremendous achievement as I am over 60! I am indebted to Ben Brooks for for his support, weekly emails and believing in me that I could do it. So that I can help others going through tragedy i have set up a group called tragicgomagic@mail.com to help others suffering despair to go magic with fitness and watch that despair evaporate! Thanks Ben for helping me live again. A quote ‘it’s never too late to be what you might have been


Carlie Chandrruangphen



Had the best time on both my courses! Ben is fantastic to work with. He is always there for support and made the courses so enjoyable. Also met some great people and gained so much knowledge and confidence. Amazing time!


Mike Sibley

To whom it may concern,

In March this year I registered for my level 2 Fitness Instructor course. When completing this you have to be self-disciplined as self-learning is very challenging especially when holding down a job. I have to say Ben has been extremely supportive through this experience. I was delighted I passed but without Ben’s support this would have been far more challenging. There were some difficult times and Ben was always there at the end of the phone, even on a Saturday night.
I found his people and interpersonal skills to a very high standard, very supportive and the whole experience start to finish a good experience.
It is important to share good experiences as well as bad, I clearly had a great experience.


Mike Sibley
Plant Manager

Morissa Thorn

testimonial23This was a fantastic environment.

Really enjoyed my time on both courses I did with FTS -Ben was a huge support and his team are so positive and helpful so much so I felt lost not to be seeing everyone again once my training was finished!

Will definitely do any follow on training with him! If only to catch up! Now already teaching so must be good. Thanks for everything.

Beata Keleman

BEATAHi Ben, A big thank you for the great course you provided, it was a very enjoyable and informative learning experience! I’m usually very nervous when I have to do practical assessments but this time I was buzzing !

You gave us great instructing tools, clear instructions what was expected ! I especially liked the fact that we didn’t spend hours and hours in the classroom going through the theory of indoor cycling! Interaction was great and I felt I had real support all the way through! I would definitely recommend FTS to a friend and hope to do future courses provided by FTS!

Emma Vincent

IMG_5103-225x300I teach a spin circuit class at Abbs Cross on a Saturday morning. This is a combination of spinning and resistance circuits. I was put forward for the group cycling course by my manager to gain more knowledge for my classes and to also cover spinning classes throughout the week. I have to admit that where I am not very fit cardio wise (as I am more into weight training) I knew the course would be a struggle for me.

Starting the course with a spin master class was fun. You put everyone at ease and helped us all with our bike positions and posture. Knowing the whole weekend would be very practical based you were very understanding to those of us who aren’t as fit as we would liked and made the course fun. You got to know out personalities on a personal level which put us at ease. The content of the course was very well thought through and there was never a dull moment.

I felt I learnt so much on the course and am looking forward to putting my qualification into practice. I would recommend this course and FTS to everyone- out of all my fitness courses this has by far been my favourite. Well done Ben and FTS

Philip Bedwell


For feedback I just want to say I thought the teaching was concise and taught to a high standard.

Everything was efficent and an empathsis on getting work done in a friendly manner and getting results quickly.

I really enjoyed the course and would wholeheartedly reccomend it to other members of staff.

Joseph Ladds


Having done an ‘equivalent’ in-house Group Cycle course in the past and taught it for several years, I was initially apprehensive that the 2-day course with FTS would be a case of going through the motions.

I’m very pleased to say that this was far from the reality. Ben firstly created a great atmosphere for learning with a relaxed and friendly but professional demeanour throughout the weekend. Secondly, the basic syllabus was covered concisely which allowed time to go way beyond and Ben shared his teaching experience and styles with us.

I took away some great new ideas and coaching points for my classes. It’s great to see a course tutor with such blatant passion for the industry who has the teaching acumen to match. A great course, Thanks Ben.

Ashley Brewster


1. How did you find the course? I really enjoyed the course. It helped me understand how others may perceive the gym as a daunting experience with regards to using the equipment and doing the course enabled me to see it from a ‘non gym’ persons guide. The course was a good combination of practical and theory and was delivered in a relaxed environment.

2. Is there anything extra you would have liked to support your learning? I found the test paper particularly difficult but I think that was due to my greater knowledge of the fitness environment, and always thinking the answer was more advanced then what it actually was.

3. How was the support given to you on your course by your tutor? Ben provided great support and made you feel at ease. He answered questions and included knowledge from a range of areas to help provide more in detailed feedback. Ben has a great deal of knowledge with fitness and nutrition and was able to convey this well with us to a level that everyone could understand.

4. Would you recommend FTS to a friend? Yes. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and particularly liked how it was completed within 4 days. There was alot to learn but I preferred the fast track approach to having the course spaced out.