In the fitness world, you either love cardio or hate it with a firing passion. After all, it has the tendency to be boring and most of us have to force ourselves to carry it out in the first place. With this said, cardio holds a vital role in the world of fitness and we want to let people know why. Read on to find out more…

Health Benefits

Carrying out cardio comes with a whole range of health benefits that can actually save your life in the long run. This is because it makes our heart beat faster in order to pump blood and oxygen around the body. At first this will use up all of the glycogen that our body has stored in our liver, followed by excess fat. Of course, this can be great if you are looking to lose weight!

In addition to this, when the heart beats faster it becomes stronger and this means that you will become much fitter. Carrying out regular cardio can not only prevent cardiovascular problems like heart disease from developing, it can also reduce blood pressure and ease anxiety.


One of the best benefits of cardio exercise is that it comes in a range of different forms. In fact, you don’t even need to have a gym membership to carry out cardio. For instance, you can run, swim, cycle and even do Zumba. In fact, cardio can be gained through hobbies like dancing or skateboarding. Due to this, it means that the exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous and boring.

It is safe to stay that cardio plays a vital role in our general wellbeing, in particular our cardiovascular health. Without it we would become incredibly unhealthy. After all, this type of exercise helps lower our risk of developing life-threatening diseases in our elder years. As cardio is so important, our personal training courses here at Fitness Training Solutions are cardio filled so that we can help you pass on the knowledge necessary to be a great personal trainer. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!