The race is on

We’re just weeks away until two of the UK’s biggest running events takes place; the London Marathon and the Manchester marathon. With that in mind, we imagine that those who have entered the marathons will be reaching big mileages now, so it’s important that you’re eating the right things and having rest days to avoid any injuries.

Alongside your running, it’s important to continue building on your strength and conditioning down at your local gym. During the training period, people will seek out the services of a personal trainer to help them along the way and reaching the finish line more confidently. So the race is on to get your Level 3 Personal Trainer course!

People think they can eat what they want when training for a marathon because they’re covering long distances as part of their training plan, and although you should be stocking up on fuel for your body, it’s important that you’re consuming the right types of food. These include the right carbs such as brown pasta and rice, protein such as chicken, leafy, green veg, oily fish including salmon and more importantly, drinking plenty of water to ensure that your body is fully hydrated. Trust me; it makes a huge difference in your performance! Those training for a marathon are more likely to listen to advice from professionals who have completed the Level 3 Personal Trainer course.

So get your running shoes on because the race is on for the Level 3 Personal Trainer courses, but will reach the finish line first?