Putting on muscle is easier said than done, especially if you’re looking to bulk up. Trying to figure out the correct measurements and ratio food quantities is hard enough without the added extra of strength training.

The science behind strength is particularly interesting. In order to grow and build muscle, we have to break the muscle down and this occurs when we lift weights. We apply stress to the muscle fibres and cause injuries to the muscle during strength training, triggering our cells to rush to the fibres and create new muscle proteins. These muscle proteins, also known as myofibrils, latch onto the existing muscle and result in bigger and stronger muscles.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we’ve put together our top tips to help you build muscle…


To gain size, it is recommended that you focus on four main exercises; squats, bench presses, deadlift and overhead press. These aren’t just powerlifts, they are the best way to increase your strength. Research has found that compound movements allow you to use many different muscles together which triggers a large hormone response and therefore makes muscle building more effective than focusing on one muscle alone.


Equipment is just as important as movement and many muscle builders tend to go for free weights rather than machines as they allow you to be more free and get the best out of your workout.


Building muscle calls for one thing; additional calories. However, it is important to consider quality over quantity. Make sure to avoid processed food, sugars and alcohol as you will just gain weight instead of muscle. Instead, opt for lean protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to fuel your body in the gym.

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