Summer has arrived and all the products and promotions are in full swing! From expensive sun cream to busy British beaches, there’s no better way to spend summer when you’re from the UK. As well as this, it’s also important to remember that summer also brings along fresh produce season where you can enjoy an abundance of healthy summer foods for an affordable price. The team here at Fitness Training Solutions know how important a healthy diet is to fitness so in this blog we’re going go over a couple of summer favourites..

  • Corn is a food that says everything there is to say about summer. In fact, it contains two antioxidants known as lutein and zeaxanthin that are able to act like natural sunglasses by forming a macular pigment and filtering out a portion of the sun’s rays and it’s healthy. What better reason do you need to eat corn!
  • Summer brings with it hot temperatures, humidity and heat we aren’t used to which means that our bodies will sweat in order to try and cool us down. It is vital that we replace this lost moisture however not everybody knows that we can do this through food as well as liquids. Watermelon is a fruit that has a very high water content of 92% which allows your mind to stay sharp and your body to stay hydrated!

The odd treat during summer isn’t going to ruin your waistline however it’s important to try and stick to healthy foods. If you’re looking to turn a passion for fitness into a career, get in contact with a member of the team today and we’d be happy to tell you more information about our fitness instructor courses