Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we are firm believers that there is not one true way to exercise. In fact, there are a whole range of different methods that people can adopt in order to achieve their ultimate fitness goal. Whether you like to visit the gym, run, cycle or attend a dance class, you’re on the right path and swimming is no exception.

Unfortunately, like any industry, there are a whole range of different myths surrounding this exercise but fret not, the Fitness Training Solutions team are at hand to bust them…

Myth: Eating within two hours of swimming will lead to cramps

This myth generally extends to the whole of fitness as many people believe that eating two hours before exercising will lead to painful cramps, however it is most commonly heard during swimming-related conversations. On the contrary, you can eat whenever you like, but should only have small portions or a snack in order to avoid becoming bloated.

Myth: If you don’t learn to swim as a child, you will never learn to swim

This myth is usually said by those who are simply too lazy to try to learn to swim. In actual fact, anybody can learn regardless of their age as long as they put in the time and effort. It is true that learning to swim as a child is easier, however there are plenty of people who have gained their swimming abilities as an adult.

Myth: You should hold your breath when under the water

If you do this you will create a build-up of carbon dioxide, causing you to feel like you need to gasp. This is rather dangerous because you are at risk of breathing water into your lungs as you panic and search for air. Instead of holding your breath, you should steadily exhale bubbles out of your nose and mouth between each inhale.

Now you know how to establish whether a piece of information is a fact or whether it is a myth, it’s time to burn those calories and just keep swimming! After all, swimming is one exercise where we use our whole body at the same time, making it perfect for toning. If you’d like to turn a passion for fitness into a career, ask a member of the team about our personal training courses today to find out more information!