Marathon season is approaching and two of the big marathon events are set to take place this month; the Greater Manchester Marathon 19th April and the London Marathon 26th April. With all the training that you’ve done and all the training you’ve helped your clients with, it’s important to not let the hard work got to waste on race day or prior to it. If you are running a marathon this year, you’ll have an advantage over others due to learning all the tricks of the trade from our personal training courses!

The team at Fitness Training Solutions have put together a few tips to get you ready for the big day.

  1. Make sure your last few runs are short and sweet and have at least 2-3 rest days before the marathon.
  2. Plan ahead. Spend the last few days prior to the marathon sorting your running gear out including your race number – try not to do it all last minute or the morning of the run. You want to avoid any unwanted stress.
  3. Avoid having a full shower on race day. The water can actually wash away essential oils that are needed to keep your body cool and hydrated. Plus, you’ll only going to sweat and smell a bit after, so save the shower for then – you’ll appreciate it more!
  4. Eat well the day before and have a nutritional dinner and breakfast. Make sure you get the right amount of carbs, fruit and veg in. You’ll learn more about the different food groups in the personal training courses.
  5. Give yourself plenty of time to get the start line or race village. Remember, they’ll be thousands of people all trying to get the same spot and wanting to use the toilets! You want to feel as relaxed as possible before you begin the 26.2 miles run!
  6. Emotions will be over the place on race day, so try not to let it get the better of you especially at the start of the race. You don’t want to run too fast too soon, and pay for it later. It’s better to pass people along the way than at the start. Remember, 2 miles!
  7. Stick to your own race plan and run at the pace you have been training at.
  8. Stay hydrated and refuel yourself during the marathon. It’s important not to drink too many fluids; otherwise you’ll be running to the toilet or doing a Paula Radcliff! If you’re aiming to do the run in a decent time, it’s best to drink fluids gradually during the race and take some energy gels, protein bars and jelly babies with you. Give yourself a mileage target to treat yourself to a drink or food.
  9. Don’t buy new running trainers before the race, stick to the ones you have been wearing when training. 26.2 miles is a long way to run with blisters or rubbing shoes!
  10. If you hit the wall, carry on and don’t give up. Make sure you stay in control of your mind and legs. Focus your attention on something else and if you’re running for a charity, think about why you’re doing the marathon. If you feel like you need to stop, gradually slow down for a couple of minutes, refuel and be on your way again.
  11. Warm down after the run so your body doesn’t completely shut down. This can include walking round for 10 minutes after.
  12. Refuel as quickly as possible once you have reached the finished line – protein bars, fruit or a bag of ready salted crisps should do the trick!
  13. Finally, enjoy it! It’s a huge achievement and you should be proud.

There we have it, our top tips for marathon race days. We’re sure you’ll have plenty more to share out during and once you have completed our personal training courses!