As a personal trainer you are responsible for the safety of your client whilst they are working out and training their bodies into a healthier way of life. You must ensure that your client understands what achieving their goals entails, how you mean to help them achieve it, what they must do and what they mustn’t do and what is realistic. You can’t have your clients thinking that they will start to see results overnight. This applies to every single client you have especially children and teenagers. Children and teens are susceptible to misunderstanding the concept of fitness training, especially when they’re going through puberty and other turbulent times. As a personal trainer who may be working with children and other young people, or as someone considering taking a Fitness Training Solutions personal training course with a view to specialise in youth training it is imperative that you understand the issues surrounding children’s health and wellbeing, as well as the physiological and psychological difference between them and your other adult clients.

Often children who begin working with a personal trainer are signed up by their parents who believe them to be a little overweight or to be too fond of a long session on the Xbox and not much else. Parents usually have the best intentions when it comes to their children’s health but can trip themselves up with the way they word their feelings leaving children confused – does my mum think I’m fat? So when you’re choosing one of the personal training courses we offer you need to be aware that if you specialise in training children you will usually have the parent to contend with as well as the child. The parent is the one paying you, but the child is the one you will have to train and write schedules for. Sometimes you’ll get a parent who expects miracles from you and those are the ones who have children who really don’t want to be working out usually because they don’t understand why they’ve been forced into a gym. You can take all the personal training courses in the world but nothing prepares you for irate parents.

Personal training courses will prepare you for your career but it will ultimately be you who adapts what you’ve learnt and uses it to effectively train youths. You must make sure that you understand fully how a child’s body differs to that of an adults and also which equipment a child is safe to use in the gym. Personal training courses will also not usually teach you how to work specifically with children with regards to the kinds of things you can bring up in conversation to a child to spark their interest. That’s all on you, so if you’re thinking of working with children or teens you must make sure you know a few current bands or trends and build from there. If you build a rapport with your client, they will usually start opening up to you and this is crucial when training children. The emotions surrounding fitness training in a child’s mind can be very mixed – they may not understand why they must do an activity that makes them feel sore afterwards because they don’t know how muscles work; stiff calves to a child means pain and discomfort but for adults it means we have completed a successful workout. Personal training courses can’t teach you specific details pertaining to children but the instructors here will be able to give you the skills and confidence as well as the brain power to adapt what you know so that you can teach yourself.

You must also make sure that you watch carefully for any signs that your client is pushing themselves too hard or becoming obsessed with their weight. Teens especially can be vulnerable to this so you must be vigilant. Personal training courses can open your mind up to a whole new world not to mention a whole new you, and once you’ve completed one and gained your recognized qualification at the end of it you’ll be confident in exploring and researching different areas of fitness so you can market yourself in a certain area such as youth training. You must be assured though that the regime you draw up isn’t detrimental to their health in any way and always ask another personal trainer if you’re not sure. You’ll meet many other like minded fitness enthusiasts when you take one of our personal training courses so you’ll have a few ports of call for when you need a second opinion.

The main things to remember are the parents sometimes expect overnight results, the children need to be kept in the loop regarding their body and their health, you need to be vigilant when it comes to mental health and emotional wellbeing, and that not all equipment and activities are suitable for children and youths. As long as you keep these key points in mind you’ll find that you’ll build up your knowledge quite quickly. Personal training courses here at Fitness Training Solutions give you so much more than a certificate – they give you a whole new lease of life for you to pass on to your clients, and once you’ve successfully instilled a healthy balance into your younger clients they’ll more than likely keep that balance as they grow, becoming healthy and fit adults.