Living in the south-end of the country, we know how frustrating the tube can be during rush hour and I suppose walking to the desired stop hasn’t crossed your mind. But did you know that you can burn off a decent amount of calories walking instead of tubing it? Granted that the distance between some tube stops is a fair walk and the last thing you want is to turn up to work sweaty first thing in the morning, but it’s worth considering when the weather is nice. We’re sure you’ll be recommending this after you have achieved your Level 3 Personal Trainer course qualifications.

Here are a few tube stops with the calories burnt whilst walking, running or cycling the distance instead of tubing it.

tubes 2

The more popular stops city centre London stops includes Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Marylebone, Baker Street and Waterloo. The distance isn’t a lot to walk, run or cycle so it’s worth doing it for extra exercise, fresh air and to burn off some calories, plus it will save you money to. You could even use your knowledge from the Level 3 Personal Trainer course to include in the exercise commute. Maybe walking with weights – we don’t expect anyone to do walking lunges!

What will you recommend your clients to do as an alternative to the traditional tube commuting? Book onto our Level 3 Personal Trainer course and we’ll see what inventive exercise commutes you come up with…