Although experts tell us time and time again there are still some people that think exercise is a choice we make. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite. Our bodies require exercise and physical activity in order to stay healthy, especially when we get older. In order to clear some things up we are going to go over a few reasons why exercise is so important…


Completing exercise on a regular basis is very good for our stamina, which is defined as the body’s ability to sustain a prolonged physical or mental effort. This is because we gradually get used to the effect that exercise has on our body and can change the way we approach things in order to improve things like our speed and strength.


It is easy to adopt a bad diet in the developed world which is why exercising is incredibly vital in maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your insides healthy. In fact, it is recommended that you complete just 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per day in order to keep yourself active.


Carrying out regular exercise may be a drag however it can drastically improve your quality of life, especially when you get older. This is because our muscles become weaker and our bones become much more fragile as we age so it is important to work them when we are younger.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions we teach our personal trainers that they will meet a range of different people during their careers and that each one will be looking for something completely different. In order to help each person to the best of your ability it is important that you make them understand why the body requires exercise. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team and ask about our fitness instructor courses today!