Breakfast is an essential part of the day. The word itself is a blend of the two words ‘break’ and ‘fast’ which means that eating breakfast is the process of breaking the fast we endured throughout the night when we did not consume any food. If we do not eat breakfast, we continue to starve ourselves of the necessary nutrients we need in order to function on a daily basis and this includes being able to complete a workout to our fullest potential. Here are three reasons why experts think breakfast is so important…

Cognitive Function – Eating breakfast helps to restore the glucose levels to normal. Glucose is an essential carbohydrate in the diet which is required for brain function. Allowing yourself extra time to eat breakfast has shown that memory and concentration improves significantly compared to those who skipped the first meal of the day and ate lunch several hours later. In regards to exercise, optimum concentration and mental ability is needed to reach any and all goals.

Energy – As one would expect, a person’s energy needs differ as each person is individual. Typically, men require more energy than women and growing children require an abundance of energy. We get this energy from food. If we do not eat the required food to gain this energy, especially after a prolonged break without any at all, we will not function to our highest potential during all activities, including our workouts! Energy is essential for working out.

Long Term Health – Breakfast fuels the body for the day and developing such a pattern in early childhood has many long term health benefits. In fact, breakfast comes in all shapes and sizes. From porridge to pancakes; who wouldn’t want to indulge in a relaxed first meal of the day? Making sure one completes exercise with the required calories yet not on a full stomach is essential in achieving the goals you have set yourself.

Do you think you could convince a client to change their eating habits to suit an exercise program? At Fitness Training Solutions, our personal trainer courses show you how! Get in touch today to find out more information. And remember, breakfast is more important that you thought you knew!