Losing weight is difficult. It requires determination, motivation and psychological will power. You can cut out certain food groups such as carbs and fats, and to stick to cardio exercise to drop the calories, but it can prove to be a slow process. As a fully qualified health and fitness professional, you’ll understand that weight loss involves a lot more than eating clean and exercising and our personal training courses will tell why.

The team at Fitness Training Solutions have pulled together a few reasons why the pounds aren’t dropping off as quickly as you hoped.

  • Cardio is an effective way to burn calories, but it doesn’t burn enough for long-lasting and productive weight loss results. We’d advice performing interval training when using the cardio, as you’ll burn twice as much calories, creating a better metabolic effect (post-workout fat burn).
  • Eating’s cheating. Eating significantly less is a huge no. It’s not quick fix solution and can actually increase body fat, making it harder to lose weight. It’s important to have stable leptin levels during a calorie deficit, as it helps control weight loss and defends against starvation. High-carb meals are a great source of energy for pre-workouts.
  • Minimising protein. Protein foods should be part of everyone’s diet. Avoiding eating protein can slow down the weight loss. Protein keeps you feeling fuller, shreds body fat and maintains muscles mass.
  • No fat. Your body needs all of the food groups in order to remain healthy and cutting fat will do you no favours. Natural fats sources are healthy and perfect for keeping your body in tip top condition. They can be found in fish, animal fats, olive oil, avocados and coconut oil.
  • Lack of water will dehydrate your body, and slow down your fat loss. Keep your metabolism levels high by drinking plenty of water.
  • Eating “healthy” branded foods. Not all advertised healthy foods are healthy. Some contain higher sugar levels and artificial sweeteners. So make sure you check the nutritional value in the foods that you buy.
  • Avoiding carbs. Carbs are one of the most important food sources for your body to consume. Avoiding them can damage your physical performance and weight loss. The more you train the more carbs you eat. They’ll with the recovery process, build mass and help you perform better and if you’re performing better you’ll see the fat loss increase. Super healthy carb foods include sweet potatoes, wholegrains, fruits and quinoa.

There are various reasons why people are getting nowhere with their weight loss regime, but with your help they could be on the road to a lighter version of themselves. So book onto our personal training courses today and help make a difference to someone’s weight loss goals.