How often do you use kettlebells in your workouts and as part of your clients’ sessions? Do you recommend these free weights? Do you know the benefits that they carry? If so, have you considered our Kettlebell Instructor course?

Kettlebells are beneficial to anyone looking to achieve personal health and fitness goals, whether it’s to lose weight, enhance on your strength training, and building on your overall muscle volume and power. So basically everything! They have become an integral part of peoples’ fitness regime and are one of the most popular weights to use in workouts, which is just another reason why you should consider the Kettlebells Instructor course. Your clients will have different goals in mind, but all the goals will affect their physical appearance and kettlebells are renowned for improving on this, and improving overall strength and physical ability.

There are various techniques that can be used for kettlebells including kettlebell swings, weight lifting, used when squatting and completing lunges. For those wanting to build on their muscle endurance, kettlebell high reps is recommended. Kettlebells are also an effective way to increase shoulder flexibility stability.

People question the difference between kettlebells and dumbbells, and which of the two free weights are more effective. Although they both carry their own advantages, kettlebells still wins in terms of weight loss, muscle building, strength training and sustaining more power. To really tell the difference between the two, incorporate a mixture of the two using the same exercises. You’ll understand more about the benefits about kettlebells in our Kettlebell Instructor course.

Kettlebell classes have become one of the most popular and demanding fitness classes, however, you need to the right qualifications and skills to successfully manage these classes. So, book onto our Kettlebell Instructor course today and become a kettlebell pro.