Plucking up the courage to join the gym can be difficult. After all, nobody wants to finish a day at work then drag themselves to a workout immediately afterwards, and it is far easier to spend your time curled up in front of the sofa watching the newest episode of your favourite TV series instead.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we think there’s more to visiting the gym than shedding a few extra pounds. In fact, it should be a way of life in order to ensure we are healthier. Here are a few reasons to actually go to the gym…

  • By getting a membership, most gyms give you access to a whole range of different classes and machinery. From running clubs to weights, what more could you ask for in order to get healthy and shed some extra pounds? If your primary goal is to drop a dress size or two, the gym gives you all the tools to do that.
  • At the end of a stressful day some people just want to go home and stay away from people, however this annoyance is just left budding and has no release. Interestingly people have found that going to the gym after days like this helps them feel better and releases this stress, which ultimately has an astounding effect on their mood and mental health.
  • If you’re new to the gym, or fitness in general, it can be quite intimidating to step foot inside a gym, however it should be viewed as a new opportunity. Unless you meet some very unfriendly people, most pros will not hesitate to give you some useful tips and tricks so that you are able to learn during your visits. Plus, you might even make a few friends!

Finding that budding motivation to go to the gym can be difficult however experts have said that sticking to something for 21 days makes it a habit rather than a chore. The act simply becomes a part of our natural behaviour and we begin to feel excited rather than downhearted.

If we’ve managed to convince you about actually visiting, our gym instructor courses could be just for you! Being able to find that initial motivation is important and is something that all instructors should pass onto their clients. For more information, speak to a member of the team today!