Sometimes people will find that they have adopted bad exercise habits that are not good for them or their fitness regime. Here at Fitness Training Solutions, our aim is to shed light on these bad habits so that our readers are able to realise their mistakes and be able to change them for the better…

  • Sticking to the same old routine is one of the worst things that someone who is involved in the world of exercise can do. When we began a workout, we are challenging ourselves- however after a while these become routine and our endurance is no longer tested because we find it much easier. We must remember to mix up our routines in order to continually improve our fitness.
  • Just like not be committed to your work out can be detrimental to your overall goals; over working yourself can also lead to an overload in mental and physical stimulation. A bad habit of some people is expecting to go straight from the sofa to the gym 7 times a week and actually sticking to it. It’s just not realistic. To break these bad habits, remember to set realistic goals and try not to overwork yourself.
  • Although it is true that 30 minutes in a sauna can help you shed a few extra pounds, some people take extreme measures and of course this leads to some potentially dangerous habits. For example, there have been stories of people spending hours inside the sauna wearing plastic suits which is not only ineffective, it can lead to medical problems such as dehydration and overheating.

Here at Fitness Training Solutions, we provide personal training courses which cover a whole range of backgrounds and scenarios, including how to address clients who may have found themselves with a few bad habits. Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today!